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Sample Articles from this site

Here are a few sample articles to give you an idea of the kinds of things you'll find in the Subscribers Area of this site. These articles are reprinted as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

Put Your Best Foot Forward -- Ten Resume Tips for Military Spouses by Amy Schofield, ACRW
Resume Writer Expert, Amy Schofield provides ten resume tips for military spouses. . . . keep reading
Get a Job. Really. by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley provides resources for the job hunt. . . . keep reading
Top 10 (Hidden) Escalators of Workplace Conflict & What To Do About Them by Carol Bowser
NMSN Conflict Management Expert, Carol Bowser shares how the pain of unresolved conflict can be avoided - but only if the source of the conflict is addressed. . . . keep reading
Hold a Family Financial Summit by Phil Dyer
Money traditionally is a taboo or off-limits subject in many families. It is considered impolite to ask how much money someone makes, how much something costs, or how a household's finances are handled. We all come from different financial backgrounds -- with lessons learned from early childhood through young adulthood. . . . keep reading
Confessions of a Professional Stylist by Joyce Neave
NMSN Style Expert, Joyce Neave discusses her own style. . . . keep reading
The Do's and Don'ts of Salary Negotiation by Julie Waters
NMSN Career Building Expert, Julie Waters, shares the Do's and Don'ts of Salary Negotiation . . . keep reading
7 Strategies for Volunteering Meaningfully by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley, lists 7 strategies for meaningful volunteering. . . . keep reading
Small Business Mentors by Matt Zemon
NMSN Entrepreneurial Expert, Matt Zemon defines mentorship. . . . keep reading
3 Reasons Why You Need to Copyright Your Content by Rachel Rodgers, Esq.
NMSN Legal Expert, Rachel Rodgers, Esq. provides 3 reasons why you need to copyright your content. . . . keep reading
Brand Housekeeping by Greta Perry
NMSN Digital Strategist, Greta Perry outlines ways to keep your brand intact. . . . keep reading
Network Like A Rock Star! by Krista Wells, Ph.D.
NMSN Work-Life Balance Expert, Krista Wells shares her networking "playlist." . . . keep reading
7 Super Powers of Women Entrepreneurs by Phil Dyer
NMSN Financial Expert, Phil Dyer describes Super Powers of Women Entrepreneurs . . . keep reading
When To Walk Away by Carol Bowser
NMSN Conflict Management Expert, Carol Bowser discusses decision-making process when considering leaving a job. . . . keep reading
Maxing out Summit 2013 by Sue Hoppin
A full day of sessions geared toward professional development, a formal networking event with a panel, entrepreneur sessions and more networking opportunities all jam packed into one event. It took a lot of faith in what we were trying to achieve . . . keep reading
Added VA-lue: Milspouse business owners discuss adding a Virtual Assistant to their admin team by Melissa St. Clair
Celebrating April as Administrative Professional's Month, NMSN Member, Melissa St. Clair shares real-time testimonies from milspouse business owners utilizing VA (virtual assistant) services. . . . keep reading
Transitioning Out: The Pre-Game Show by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley talks transition. . . . keep reading
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