NMSN creates a community of military spouse professionals and other stakeholders to share expertise and craft innovative solutions on both balancing a viable career with the military lifestyle and laying the foundation for a successful career post military life.
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Sample Articles from this site

Here are a few sample articles to give you an idea of the kinds of things you'll find in the Subscribers Area of this site. These articles are reprinted as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

Career Goal Planning by Amy Schofield, ACRW
NMSN Resume Writer Expert, Amy Schofield shares tips on assessing your career goals. . . . keep reading
To Speak or Not to Speak? by Carol Bowser
NMSN Conflict Management Expert, Carol Bowser, JD, talks about speaking engagements. . . . keep reading
The More You Know by Matt Zemon
NMSN Entrepreneurial Expert, Matt Zemon, offers suggested reading for military spouse entrepreneurs. . . . keep reading
Getting it Write on Your Resume by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley offers strategies for revisiting your resume. . . . keep reading
Demystifying the MSRRA (Military Spouse Residency Relief Act) by Nicci Clark
NMSN Guest Writer, Nicci Clark, explains the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. . . . keep reading
Getting Your Resume Past the All-Important Applicant Tracking System by Amy Schofield, ACRW
Resume Writer Expert, Amy Schofield, gives tips to help navigate your resume through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) . . . keep reading
Take Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others by Dr. Krista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach®
NMSN Work-Life Balance Expert, Krista Wells reminds milspouses of the importance of self-care. . . . keep reading
Finding a Job Post Military Life by Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-founder, iRelaunch, Co-author, Back on the Career Track
NMSN Career Track Expert, Carol Fishman Cohen, discusses military spouse pursuit of employment when your active duty service member's military service is over. . . . keep reading
How to Jumpstart a Stalled Job Search by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley shares strategies how to jumpstart a stalled job search. . . . keep reading
How to Create Healthy Partnering Relationships in Small Business by Carol Bowser
NMSN Conflict Management Expert, Carol Bowser, JD explains how to create healthy partnering relationships in small business. . . . keep reading
Automating Your Social Media by Greta Perry
NMSN Digital Strategist, Greta Perry, discusses the pros and cons of social media automation. . . . keep reading
A Case for Entrepreneurship for Military Spouses by Matt Zemon
NMSN Entrepreneurial Expert, Matt Zemon offers information on entrepreneurship as an option for military spouses to consider. . . . keep reading
Stop Being Distracted! 10 Tips to Combat the Distracted Rut By Alaina Fitzner
NMSN Career Building Expert, Julie Waters explains the Family and Medical Leave Act . . . keep reading
When To Walk Away by Carol Bowser
NMSN Conflict Management Expert, Carol Bowser discusses decision-making process when considering leaving a job. . . . keep reading
Added VA-lue: Milspouse business owners discuss adding a Virtual Assistant to their admin team by Melissa St. Clair
Celebrating April as Administrative Professional's Month, NMSN Member, Melissa St. Clair shares real-time testimonies from milspouse business owners utilizing VA (virtual assistant) services. . . . keep reading
Transitioning Out: The Pre-Game Show by Janet Farley, Ed.M.
NMSN Employment Expert, Janet Farley talks transition. . . . keep reading
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